nora_batesonIn this week’s episode Nora Bateson speaks with Joanna about: The International Bateson Institute in Sweden, studying the complexity of life; the freedom of opening up to multiplicity; a lifetime of cultivating wisdom; articulating the ways of interdependence and interrelationship of life; science is not neutral; choosing complexity over reductionism; remembering the origins of a holistic science, the Macy Conferences; finding the intimacy within the complexity we live in; a love affair with Nature.

Nora Bateson is the writer, director and producer of the award-winning documentary “An Ecology of Mind”, a portrait of her father Gregory Bateson’s way of thinking. Ms. Bateson considers herself a professional interloper as she engages in conversations in different disciplines and with different audiences. One result of that is The International Bateson Institute, designed to bring together the sciences, arts, and vocational wisdoms to create a focused qualitative inquiry of the integration of life. Asking, “How we can improve our perception f the complexity we live within, so we may improve our interaction with the world?” Nora Bateson has also developed curriculum for schools in Northern California and produced and and directed an award winning multimedia projects on intercultural understanding. Her newest book is “Small Arcs of Larger Circles: Framing Through other Patterns”.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik