thanissaraIn this week’s episode Thanissara speaks with Joanna about: Standing Rock, a historic gathering under the guidance of indigenous wisdom; standing up for the sacredness of Nature; a huge wake up call for all of us; a new kind of activism and community-based citizen resistance; feeling the wound of separation from the Earth; finding our way through the authenticity of anger; the planet need us to protect it; reclaiming the sacred feminine and healing the wounded masculine within us all; waking up to the aliveness and intelligence of the Earth; intimacy with all beings; staying tuned to the inner heart.


Thanissara started Buddhist practice in the Burmese school in 1975. She was inspired to ordain after meeting Ajahn Chah and spent 12 years as a Buddhist nun where she was founding member of Chithurst Monastery and Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. She was also co-initiator of events for children  and families at Amaravati. Thanissara has facilitated meditation retreats since 1989 and has an MA in Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy Practice from Middlesex University and the Karuna Institute in the UK. She is author of several books – “Garden of the Midnight Rosary”, The Heart of the Bitter Almond Heart Sutra”, co-author of “Listening to the Heart”, and her latest is “Time to Stand Up: An Engaged Buddhist Manifesto for our Earth”. She is a core teacher at Insight Meditation Society, MA, guiding teacher of Chatanooga Insight, TN and affiliated teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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