lee-irwinIn this week’s episode Lee Irwin speaks with Joanna about: the Hermetic Christ and the diversity of loving expression; the spiritual freedom of joy; participating in multiple spiritual communities; towards a full integration of the Feminine in spiritual traditions; the Divine Feminine and the tradition of Sophia; the emerging horizon in spirituality; supporting creative change in these times of polarization; cultivating the state of “good mind and loving heart”; the play of reincarnation, free will and spiritual values;; fillin the cup of the heart in partnership.


Lee Irwin is a scholar of world religions with an emphasis on Native American traditions, Western Esotericism, contemporary spirituality, and transpersonal religious experience – particularly as connected to dreams and visions. He is a guiding voice for “The Seven Pillars House of Wisdom” (Sufi International Order) and the Vice President of the Association for the Study of Esotericism. He has been a workshop leader and group facilitator for over twenty years, particularly in the areas of visionary cosmology and the development of the sacred human. His books include, among others: “Visionary Worlds”, “Awakening to Spirit”, “The Alchemy of Soul” and “Coming Down From Above: Prophecy, Resistance and Renewal in Native American religions”. His newest book is “Meditations on Christ”.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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