Michael_BlanshanIn this week’s episode Michael Blanshan speaks with Joanna about: researching the health hazards of electromagnetic radiation (E.M.R.) exposure on humans; the Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety; blanketing the cities with high electromagnetic signals without safe zones, a national issue; being conscious about using the new wireless technologies; the possibility of destroying the aesthetic look of the City Different; the exponential increase of electromagnetic radiation, an uncontrolled human experiment; the public right to a precautionary approach with electromagnetic radiation.

Michael Blanshan practiced as a traditional naturopath from 2001 to 2010. He was one of the founders of Doctors W.A.R.N. (Wireless And Radiation Network),  group of health professionals in Santa Fe researching the health hazards and risks of continuous E.M.R. exposure on human beings. He now devotes his time to research, education, and consulting, finding the most credible sources and archiving the best information on a number  of subjects. He is a representative of the Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety. He can be contacted at: michaelblanshan @gmail.com


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik