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Feb 13, 2018Joanna's Blog1 comment

I was born to join my music to the song of this world. Have you ever heard the sound that astronomers have recorded from space, a deep and mysterious vibration, perhaps the many voices of worlds we long to reach with our own resonance. I have heard these sounds at times in altered states of being, a low roar that plucks the chords of my life force.

As I stood on a bridge in the city of Sevilla, twelve years ago, I knew without a doubt that the instrument on which I could interpret my music had arrived. Podcasting would allow me to play many melodies through my tool of choice: Conversation.

When I was growing up in Europe I was taught that asking questions was rude and intrusive. Never mind the little girl persisted. I got some answers mainly from poets and rebels of the time. My relentless questioning led me to 60’s philosopher Dr. Timothy Leary, what I learned from him is that it is immensely dangerous to seek to alter your ingrained inherited way of viewing consensus reality.

Using your imagination, nurturing your unlimited powers of discovery can have dire consequences, prison and even death as we have seen in the case of Galileo and the so called Witches of Salem.

Changing your mind is the most dangerous and effective tool for revolution.

With Future Primitive as my device I began asking questions over the phone and Skype to people who hear and lovingly interpret the language of our precious Earth.

Women and men who listen to the vibrations of the Universe, carefully translating those messages into words that can free us from limited beliefs.

What I have heard so far from the over 600 conversation I have been gifted to have with fascinating individuals is fervor for life and reverence for the Mother of us all, the planet Earth.

I have fallen in love with almost every person I have interviewed. What I love is their bravery to create in spite of the many obstacles we face every single day. Courage to be the music that crafts the deepening love and tenderness needed to describe the awesome fragility and resilience of the cocoon in which we are becoming.

I invite you to listen to our collection of podcasts, refresh your mind and heart listening to the ideas and observation from seasoned travellers through the fields of consciousness. If you wish to reinvent yourself beyond depression and the noise of today’s crime and punishment media stories, listen to the message of intelligent love expressed by each of our contributors.

– Joanna

Also – We invite you to watch and share Joanna’s reading of “A Story of Awakening and Awe”, filmed in October 2017.

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