The Gift of Beauty
An Interview with Day Schildkret

October 28, 2018

Interview by
Joanna Harcourt-Smith

In this week’s episode Day Schildkret speaks with Joanna about: art, impermanence and the natural world; the language of the cosmos; wandering in wonder; expecting the unexpected; how to be inrelationship to the place where we live; listening to each other and the land; play and the sense of wonder and possibility; the journey through making a morning altar; feeding the seen and the unseen; reclaiming the gift of giving; remembering the complex simplicity of being alive.

Day Schildkret is internationally known for Morning Altars and has inspired tens of thousands of people of all ages across the globe to renew our relationship to nature, creativity, and impermanence with the ritual and practice of earth art. Day is the author of “Morning Altars: A 7 Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit Through Nature, Art and Ritual”.

“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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