A Quiet Revolution
An Interview with Pip Waller and Lucy Wells

July 19, 2019

Interview by
Joanna Harcourt-Smith

 In this week’s episode Pip Waller and Lucy Wells speaks with Joanna about: plant spirit medicine, all about relationship; the uniqueness of medicine received from the plants; re-emergence of our original, ancestral knowing; signs of the cry of the spirit; the loss of our indigenous ways in Europe; the medicine of rootedness; praying to the roots of the one tree; the messenger plants; an ongoing, humbling process of initiation and service; feeling divinity in nature; Fire, the deep ocean of joy, connection and transformation in living, breathing life; a journey through the Chinese medicine wheel of the year; the ancient, mysterious yew tree.

Pip Waller is a medical herbalist and plant spirit medicine healer living in North Wales, UK. She has been practising and teaching natural healing methods for 30 years. her first book, “Holistic Anatomy”, was published in 2009 and continues to increase in popularity. In 2015 she wrote “The Herbal Handbook of Home & Health”, a book of 501 herbal recipes for everything from laundry and medicines to string. A shorter 350 recipe version, “The Health and Beauty Botanical handbook”, was released in 2018. her third book, “Deeply Holistic”, an inspiring book about being human and caring for all our needs, came out in January 2018.

 Lucy Wells came to plant spirit medicine after a journey through community arts, taichi and other energetic healing systems and has been in practice since 2006. She combines her healing work with other arts and performance activities which also explore the nature of deep and transformative change. She is an initiated firekeeper with the sacred fire community, a therapeutic counsellor and has also trained as a funeral celebrant. She is the author of one other book, “The Wave Hub Chronicles” (2011).

They are the co-authors of their newest book, “Touched by Nature: Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys”.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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