The Visionary River

An Interview with Christopher Hill

December 29, 2017

Interview by
Joanna Harcourt-Smith

In this week’s episode Christopher Hill speaks with Joanna about: psychedelics, music and ecstatic change; the spread of esoteric, spiritual knowledge through the music of the sixties; the mysterious spiritual revolution of the troubadours; Walt Whitman, Emerson and the American, progressive ecstatic tradition; the Beatles and the English visionary culture of nature mysticism; “Hey Joe” and the call to the West; Kennedy’s assasination and its effect in Bob Dylan’s music; a broader sense of history about social transformation; the visionary river of collective consciousness; the double vision of art.

Christopher Hill has written about rock and roll music and other things in the pages of Spin, Record Magazine, International Musician, Chicago Magazine, Downbeat, Summit: The Mountain Journal, Deep Roots Magazine, and other national and regional publications. His work has been anthologized in The Rolling Stone Record Review, and he is the author of “Holidays and Holy Nights”. His monthly column, “Apocrypha”, won an Associated Church Press award. Currently a contributing editor at Deep Roots Magazine, he lives in Madison, Wisconsin. His newest book is “Into the Mystic: The Visionary and Ecstatic Roots of 1960s Rock and Roll”.

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