Green Alchemy
An Interview with John Todd

April 3, 2020

Interview by
Joanna Harcourt-Smith

In this week’s episode John Todd speaks with Joanna about: rethinking everything with the coronavirus; inspiring a whole new generation to change the course of the planet; a profound sense hope about our future; scale and complexity along a continuum of haling; ecology is evolution story in the present; eco-machines, the birth of a regenerative ecological technology; don’t know mind and following a few simple rules; collaborating with the intelligence of ecosystems; the New Alchemy Institute, looking at big picture problems; carbon farmers and the potential to re-green the Earth; the Weather Makers and the re-greening of the Sinai Desert.

John Todd, one of the pioneers of the new field of ecological design, has been active in shaping the field for over forty years. Educated at McGill University (Agriculture (BA) & Parasitology (MSc) and has a PhD from University of Michigan (Fisheries & Oceanography). He has received two honorary doctorates. he is an Emeritus Research Professor and Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Vermont, and a Fellow at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. He is Founder and President of John Todd Ecological Design, and President of Ocean Arks International, an NGO dedicated to publishing, and to healing the inshore oceans. He is based in Wood Hole, MA. He was the co-founder of the New Alchemy Institute in 1969.

Dr. Todd is widely published and is the author of over two hundred scientific, technical and popular articles. He is the author or co-author of seven books. He is the inventor of Eco-Machines (TM) and holds five patents. His passion and his work revolve around the broad field of planetary healing and regeneration. His newest book is “Healing Earth: An Ecologist’s Journey of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship”.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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