Becoming a True Human Being
An Interview with David Kopacz

May 22, 2020

Interview by
Joanna Harcourt-Smith


 We are happy to come back!

In this week’s episode David Kopacz speaks with Joanna about: encouraging children to plant green living things; dancing with the trees; the dormant seed inside oneself; walking the medicine wheel; becoming a true human being; we are medicine bags; being and vibration; the cycle of rejuvenation; separation is illness, healing is coming back together; the archetypal template of spiritual democracy; the Refounding Mothers of Democracy; coming home to peace.

David Kopacz, MD is a psychiatrist at Seattle VA in primary care mental health integration. He is also board certified in holistic and integrative medicine and is an assistant professor at the University of Washington. David has worked in many different practice settings, including VA, holistic private practice, and as a clinical director at Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. He is the author of “Rehumanizing Medicine: A Holistic Framework for Transforming Your Self, Your Practice, and the Culture of Medicine”. He has been working to develop holistic approaches to help Veterans return home and to take charge of their own well-being through classes using a patient-centered, whole health model and adapting Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as a framework for helping veterans transition home. His newest book is “Becoming Medicine: Pathways of Initiation into a Living Spirituality”, co-authored with Native American visionary healer Joseph Rael.

Joseph Rael, whose Tiwa name is Tsluu-teh-koh-ay, Beautiful Painted Arrow, is a visionary healer. He brings together in his person the Southern Ute tribe (through his mother) and Picuris Pueblo tribe (through his father) and is a citizen of the world. He is the author of many books, including “Sound”, “Being & Vibration” and “Ceremonies of the Living Spirit”. he is a graduate of the University of New Mexico and holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin. He has worked to create holistic health care using Native American traditions to help those suffering with addictions. he has been recognized by the United nations for his work creating Peace Chambers on four continents.

“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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